Replacement Electronic Single Tag


Herd Number *

Valid Herd No: 8 characters, 1st has to be a letter, next 6 has to be numbers and the last could be a letter or a number.

Animal Number *

Valid Animal No: Always start with the numbers 372 and then followed by 12 numbers


DAFM approved single electronic tag. It can be ordered where a registered animal has lost one of its official tags and the farmer wants to replace the missing tag with an electronic tag.

When entering the tag number leave out the country prefix: IE or 372 – please enter the 12 digit tag number only.

  • Extremely high retention rates
  • Flexible and fully rotating tags
  • Metal tip pin to ensure simple and easy application
  • Minimal tissue damage which promotes quicker healing
  • The HDX transponder is programmed with the complete animal number

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