Replacement Electronic Set (Electronic & Visual Tags)


Herd Number *

Valid Herd No: 8 characters, 1st has to be a letter, next 6 has to be numbers and the last could be a letter or a number.

Animal Number *

Valid Animal No: Always start with the numbers 372 and then followed by 12 numbers


DAFM approved tag set comprises of an electronic tag and a visual tag. They can be ordered where a registered animal has lost both of its official tags and the farmer wants to replace the missing set with an electronic tag and a visual tag.

When entering the tag number leave out the country prefix: IE or 372 – please enter the 12 digit tag number only.

  • Extremely high retention rates
  • Flexible and fully rotating tags
  • Metal tip pin to ensure simple and easy application
  • Minimal tissue damage which promotes quicker healing
  • The HDX transponder is programmed with the complete animal number



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